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Black history at its finest

Black history at its finest

Black history at its finest Black history at its finest Black history at its finest








A synopsis of the book

Slaves who went to college, slaves who bought their freedom, what racists did to destroy black business districts, names of black millionaires in 1800's, list of over 140 black owned business 9 of which were owned by slaves and so much more.

A few of the facts 

Fact #1

1619 is when 20 African slaves first arrived in America on a ship commanded by Dutch seamen. The ship docked at a port in Jamestown, Virginia. 


Fact #25

There’s the incredible story of Frank McWorter who was born a slave. His parents were a white man and a black woman. His father allowed Frank to participate in the family business in various capacities. His father saw how easily he picked up business matters. Frank became very astute and from his hard work earned enough money to buy his and his wife’s and the freedom of so many others that people nicknamed him “Free Frank”. 

Fact #36

There’s a story about a slave named Zack Hubert who lived in Georgia. He was about the same age as his master’s son. They played together at times. So, by default, he was taught how to read and write. He understood the importance of an education. Zack said that if he ever got his freedom and had kids he would make sure they got an education. Slavery ended, he found a way to hire a tutor for his 12 sons and daughters and they each went to college. 

Fact #204

In 1959, Berry Gordy founded Motown Records in Detroit, Michigan. He received a loan of $800 from his family and opened the doors under the name Tamla Records. Soon after that Gordy came up with the Motown name. In 1960 he merged the two labels to become the Motown Record Corporation. Motown eventually became a huge influence in the music industry with many nationally and internationally recognized artists. The Motown sound became an icon for generations. 

 134  pages 17 Chapters


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134 pages all facts no commentary, some quotes and photos 

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Book Signings schedule 2020

February 18, Eastern Michigan University

Presenting the book at Eastern Michigan University

Oakland, CA Feb 20 and Los Angeles Feb 23

Black Business Book
black history facts

Detroit, MI Feb 25th


Montgomery, AL Feb 28th


Business in the Black

A documentary 

How slaves learned to read and write, massacre at Black Wall Street, names of black millionaires in the 1800's, interviews with over 30 people whose family owned a business in the early 1900's and so much more.

Inspiring, Educational and Entertaining

75 min.


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Business in the Black has toured the country to rave reviews. 

40 US Cities, Toronto and London, England

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Major Highlights for Business in the Black

*In Los Angeles it showed in Hollywood

*Received a proclamation from the Toledo City Council

*An original Tuskegee Airman attended our Cincinnati showing

*It showed at the Association of the Study of Black Life and History conference

*It showed at the Harlem YMCA

*In Las Vegas and San Jose, some people hosted a private reception 

Media Coverage

*Article in Los Angeles Sentinel, New Orleans Tribune, Toledo Journal and Chicago Defender (Click here to read the article)

*TV interview in Detroit, and Cincinnati

*Radio interview in New Orleans, Houston, Toledo and Philadelphia

Anthony Brogdon


Anthony Brogdon is the creator

He got the idea to produce this documentary after finding video footage of a black business event he produced in 1994 which featured several black business owners who operated in the 1940's. 

Production took two years to complete.

He has one other film  

The Great Detroit a documentary

Released in 2014.

Production will start in 2020 

Foot Soldiers a drama about the relationship between a mentor and mentee 

Black History Then and Now a documentary . 

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